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High School: Canton, N.Y.

University: El Camino College, Florida International University, UCLA

Degree: B.A. Economics with a Second Major in Mathematical Sciences, M.A. Education

While in graduate school, and slowly becoming an Economist, he got lucky and became an expectant father. This inspired a successful pursuit of an Emergency Credential to teach Mathematics in Los Angeles Unified School District. Serendipity is his friend. He has been having a wonderful time for 26 years--with his family and his job.




High School: Lewis and Clark High School (Spokane, WA)

University: University of Washington

Degree: B.S. Biology B.A. Spanish

Mr. Thompson teaches chemistry in the Firefighter/EMS Magnet at Dorsey! Not only is this his first year at Dorsey but also his first year teaching. Although his relationship with chemistry has not always been positive, he has recently come to love understanding the world at the atomic and molecular level. When he was learning chemistry, he had come to believe that science was a matter of facts and memorization. However, the more he learned and explored the field, the more he realized the depth of fascination that science and chemistry could bring. His aspirations when teaching chemistry are to excite his students to explore and understand the vast wonders that science is and has to offer. Outside of school he loves being outdoors as much as possible. Hiking, camping, long boarding, and/or playing soccer are where he typically find himself whenever he has free time.