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School History

Susan Miller Dorsey High School was named in honor of Susan Miller Dorsey, the first female 
superintendent of the Los Angeles Public School system.

Since 1937 Dorsey has educated
 approximately 150k students in this community. The Dorsey Community is an ethnically, linguistically, and socioeconomically diverse community, located in what is now known as the Baldwin Hills Estates/ Crenshaw neighborhood.

Dorsey is rich in tradition in scholarship, athletics and is an important cultural center for the arts within the community.

In addition, Dorsey Alumni have been trailblazers, positively contributing to society in ALL areas of the workforce where they have marked their
footprints across the state & nation in all areas of career industries.
Our graduates have excelled as members of the U.S. Congress and in public service, as well as in the field of law, medicine, education, professional sports, visual and performing arts, culinary arts, as well as corporate executives and skilled craftsmen in a variety of industries.

Dorsey graduates have proven to society that we can and do make positive contributions to our society, which is evident across the nation through our accomplishments and civic duty